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How do you finish up your Christmas village? Indeed, by buying nice accessories to add to your Lemax figures and houses.

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Lemax accessoires

All Lemax accessories can be used in every kind of Lemax village, whether it is an old, traditional village from the Victorian era or a sugarsweet village full of candy. These small accessories fit anywhere and add a little detail to every village that the observant eye will not fail to notice.

Lemax trees accessories

The most subtle way, but maybe also one of the nicest ways to decorate your Christmas village is by adding small trees to your houses and figurines. Sounds too easy? Wait until you have seen our extensive collection of tree accessories! Whether you want to create an entire forest of trees or you just want a simple butternut tree, covered with snow: we have the right accessories for you! What is Christmas without a Christmas tree? We have a great variety of glittering and shining Christmas trees that light up your entire village. What do you think of the Lemax Lighted pine tree large or the Lemax Spruce Tree multi light, lighting up in different colors? The Lemax Evergreen Tree 12 multi light looks just like a real Christmas tree, covered in snow to create that extra winter vibe. Looking for something new this year? The Lemax Cascading icicle tree is made for you! This special tree is covered with snow and has sparkling icicles hanging from the branches.  

Lemax light accessories

Are all those sparkling trees not enough to spark your interest? Go bigger by purchasing a miniature light set that puts your little town in the spotlights. Choose from a large variety of accessories:

  • Lemax 6 chasing mini light - clear;

  • Lemax 50 mini light set, multi color;

  • Lemax Round spot ligt, s/2, b/o;

  • Lemax Outdoor fire pit.

Even when it is dark outside, your Lemax village will always glow with these light accessories.

Add a little detail with Lemax accessories

Your Christmas village is not complete without the right Lemax accessories. Whether you are looking for a comfortable bench, a lovely tree or a mat to create a suitable underground for your Christmas houses and figurines: we have everything you are looking for. Our accessories add detail and cheerfulness to every Lemax village. Take a look around and discover our wide range of accessories.