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Exchange & Return Policy

Here you will find the most important information on the Exchange & Return Policy of

How long can I return items ordered online?

At, you are guaranteed 14 days return right from the moment you receive the items! Does your new Lemax item not meet your expectations, or did you just receive an unexpected bill that needs to be paid as well? No problem, we will refund the full purchase price! 

We ask that you return the items, undamaged and in the original packaging. In addition, we expect you to treat the items as such that we can still make another Lemax fan happy, in short, the item must remain saleable. If your return does not meet the above expectations, we reserve the right to deduct the diminished value of the item from your purchase price. 

How can I return items orderen online?

Return items as follows:

  1. On the supplied return form indicate which items you would like to return and the quantity that you want to return. Was no return form included? Click here to download a blank return form.
  2. Add the document to your return as fast as possible, but no later than 14 days of receipt of any parcel. Don't forget to keep a receipt of your return from the parcel service, save it! This will include the tracking number so that you may see when the package arrives to us. The costs of returning are not reimbursed by
  3. Within five working days after receipt package we will credit the method of payment which you used to orginally purchase the order. 

Return address:
Tuincentrum Osdorp
Osdorperweg 247
1069 LL Amsterdam-Osdorp

Return conditions
After receiving the items you have 14 days to return your items. We ask that you return items undamaged and in their original box. In addition, we expect you to treat the items in a way so that the product may still be sold to another customer. Were the items damaged or defective before they arrived? Please contact us if that is the case.

Can I also exchange items ordered online?

Exchanging items ordered online is not possible without placing a new order. If you want to order different items than those already ordered, you will have to place a new order. If the items have already been delivered, you can return them using returning process. The purchase price of the returned items will be returned (up to) within 5 working days after we received the return package, through the same method of payment that you used to pay for the order. 

You received incorrect, damaged or defective items, what now?

Did you receive an order that was not intended for you? Are any of the items missing? Did you receive the wrong items, or are they damaged? That is definitely not our intention, our apologies for the inconvenience! Please contact us, so that we can solve the problem quickly.

Click here for our contact details.

Will my return costs be reimbursed by

The return costs are unfortunately not covered by us, but you can return the items free of charge by returning them to the Garden Centre Osdorp in Amsterdam. If you can't do that, you will have to pay the costs charged by the shipper, when returning items. Would you prefer bringing the items in yourself, and at the same time enjoy a fun day at the garden centre? Click here for the address and the opening hours of Garden Centre Osdorp. Did you know that you can admire the biggest Lemax Christmas Village in Europe here, every year around Christmas? TAKE NOTE: reimbursement of your return will always be made by the same method you used to pay for the order.