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Christmas villages

Looking for a beautiful Christmas village from Lemax or Luville? Then you are at the right place at View the Christmas villages from Lemax and Luville here online or visit Osdorp Garden Center in Amsterdam.

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Build your own Christmas village with the most beautiful Christmas houses, figures, and accessories from Lemax and Luville

What is a Christmas village?
A Christmas village is usually a picturesque miniature village in a winter setting decorated with Christmas decorations and a snow-covered landscape. It can range from a small scene with a few Christmas houses, some village figures, and beautifully lit street lamps to miniature villages several square meters in size. Each year, you can create a new scene, such as a Christmas market square or a winter sports village in the Alps, building a cute little display or starting with a small village and expanding it each year with new Christmas houses, village figures, and accessories to eventually create a large and beautiful Christmas village.

In addition to Christmas villages, you can also use the extensive Lemax Village Collection, which is divided into different themes, to build a miniature Halloween village with the Lemax Spooky Town collection. Are you a true Efteling fan? Then build your own miniature amusement park with the Luville Efteling collection!

What components make up a Christmas village?

In a Christmas village, you will find everything you encounter in real life when walking down the street, such as:

Christmas houses and miniature village buildings
Christmas houses form the foundation of every Christmas village. Create a lively shopping street, a beautiful canal with canal houses, a cozy mountain village with chalets, or a bustling Christmas market with shops, cafes, restaurants, and a beautiful church or cathedral in the center.

Christmas village lighting
Lighting makes a Christmas village extra cozy during the dark days around Christmas. Think of street lamps, a crackling campfire, and spotlights to highlight certain parts of your village.

Components for the general space of your village
On the street and in the forest, you encounter many things that you might not notice, but they also belong in a Christmas village. Park benches, paving stones, stairs, bridges, mailboxes, fences, and many more accessories to make your village as realistic as possible.

Christmas village greenery
We at Osdorp Garden Center definitely support a village with beautiful trees and plants! After all, a miniature village without plants wouldn't be very charming, would it?

Christmas village vehicles
Cars, bicycles, sleighs, carriages, and snowmobiles, they're all available! Now we're just waiting for the fat bikes ;)

Popular elements in a Christmas village
Popular items in a village include churches, ice skating rinks with actual "skating" figures, train sets, carousels, windmills, fairground attractions, and shops. Many ski slopes are also made, with or without functional cable cars.

How do you build a Christmas village from Lemax or Luville and where do you start?

You can make it as elaborate as you want, but here’s the basic approach for building a Christmas village:

  1. Choose a suitable location and start by creating a base where you can neatly hide some electrical wires from the adapters.
  2. Create a nice backdrop and base for your village.
  3. Once the base and backdrop are ready, place the Christmas houses and other buildings, hiding the wires of the adapters neatly.
  4. Then it's time to build the environment, laying streets, placing lighting, and other elements for the general space.
  5. Now you can place the figures, vehicles, and other decorations in their spots.
  6. Maybe add some scatter materials like snow, gravel, or bark to top it off, and then it's time to enjoy your beautifully self-built Christmas village!

Which Lemax and Luville Christmas houses and figures go together?

Both Lemax and Luville have categorized their Christmas houses, village figures, and accessories into themes. These are the villages from Lemax:

  • Lemax Caddington Village, a Victorian Christmas village during Christmas.
  • Lemax Harvest Crossing, a farming village where old times come to life.
  • Lemax Vail Village, a winter sports village.
  • Lemax Plymouth Corners, a harbor village.
  • Lemax Jukebox Junction, a mini village with rock and roll vibes.
  • Lemax Sugar 'n Spice, a Christmas village with gingerbread figures and houses.
  • Lemax Santa's Wonderland, a village where Santa Claus and all his traditions are central.
  • Lemax Spooky Town, the Halloween spooky village from Lemax.
  • Lemax Carnival, a miniature fairground.
  • Lemax Norman Rockwell.

And these are the villages from Luville:

  • Luville Efteling, that speaks for itself!
  • Luville Molendam, a typical Dutch mini village with skaters, windmills, and Sinterklaas.
  • Luville Schneewald, a winter sports mini village.
  • Luville Ville de Reidy, a French mini village with a beautiful Eiffel Tower.
  • Luville Sledgholm, a Scandinavian Christmas village.

In addition to village-specific items, there are also many non-village related miniatures that you can use in any mini village. You can choose to follow a Lemax or Luville theme or create your own theme and find the Christmas houses and figures that match it. Preferably choose one brand because the styles are very different and so is the scale. The scale for Lemax ranges from 1:58 to 1:64, with figures having slightly different proportions, and Luville is different again, so combining them doesn't work well.

Prefer to buy your village in a store? Visit Osdorp Garden Center

The real village fans know Osdorp Garden Center in Amsterdam! In our garden center, from mid-September to Christmas, you will find one of the largest Christmas villages in the Netherlands where all Lemax and Luville Christmas houses can be admired. From early November, you can also combine a visit to the village with a stroll through the Christmas show, making it a great outing.

So, visit Osdorp Garden Center in Amsterdam or shop for your Christmas village safely online here at the best prices with guaranteed good service!