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Lemax village

Avoid a holiday decoration slump and put a Lemax village up in your Christmas display! Usually, when people think of putting up Christmas decoration, their thoughts automatically turn to a Christmas tree, putting up Christmas lights on their roof outside, and maybe putting up a few snowman or Santa Claus life-size statues outside. And while this provides a cheerful atmosphere during dark winter days, these decorations are also very common and, frankly, a little boring! If you want to truly stand out, you need to put up a Lemax Village this holiday season!

Lemax Village: Victorian era

If you are serious about truly recapturing the holiday cheer of the Victorian era or the simple innocence of waiting for the rest of the year for Christmas to come around, a Lemax Village can definitely do the trick. These villages highlight the quaint yuletide cheer and joy you find increasingly hard to get with the standard end of year set up most families have. At you will find everything you need to create a complete Lemax Village and perfectly capture the holiday spirit. Choose from different villages, like:

  • Lemax Caddington Village
  • Lemax Vail Village
  • Lemax Jukebox Junction
  • Lemax Harvest Crossing
  • Lemax Plymouth Corners
  • Lemax Santa's Wonderland
  • Lemax Sugar 'n Spice
  • Lemax Carnival

A Lemax Village is both sophisticated and fun

The great thing about a Lemax Village setup for your family is that it brings a touch of sophistication and fun to your family's holiday celebrations. These miniature villages make for great conversation pieces and are sure to add a nice dose of holiday cheer to your end of year family reunions. Find everything you need for the perfect Lemax Village in our webshop. You won't be able to find a better price anywhere! Check out our collection at and order your Lemax Village full of holiday cheer!