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Collect the nicest figurines to brighten up your Lemax Christmas village. These figures add a little story to each Lemax house or accessory.

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Whether you want to create a Santa Wonderland or you want to recreate the elegance of the Victorian Era with the Caddington Village collection: our collection of figurines has everything you could wish for.

Lemax figures

What makes your Christmas village more lively than little people walking around in it? Our cheerful figures embellish your small town by adding a real winter vibe to it. The Lemax Ring around the snowman, s/3 depicts several children dancing proudly around their self made snowman, while Lemax Cozy christmas represents a cute couple resting on a little bench next to a colorful bush and a bare tree, while enjoying a hot refreshment and reading a book. Make up your own story while looking at these figures and enjoy a similar cozy Christmas!

Lemax accessories

Among the Lemax figurines, you will also find some very cute accessories that cannot be missing from your Christmas village. What do you think of the Lemax Cold creek bridge, covered with snow? Do you want to create a feeling of home in your small town? Buy the Lemax Wicker lawn set, s/8, equipped with chairs, a table, flowerpots and a sweet cat sitting on top of the bench. Looking for something more spectacular? Our Lemax fireworks in blue, white, yellow, red or green make your village ready for New Year’s Eve. If you want to add some stars to an otherwise boring night, try our Lemax Starry night background, b/o. This background lights up when you connect it to the electrical grid. Thus, all nights in your Christmas village become sparkly with stars. Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Choose from a variety of different faccessories, like:

  • Lemax Colonial stone wall s/10;

  • Lemax Wooden bridge with trees;

  • Lemax Reindeer s/3;

  • Lemax Costumed canines s/5;

  • Lemax Christmas tree

Create a Christmas vibe with Lemax figurines

Do you want to create your own Christmas village? Or do you already have a Lemax village, but do you miss the real Christmas vibe? Don’t worry! We have everything you need to make your village unique and holiday proof. From winter trees to snowmen, from Santa figures to dogs celebrating Christmas: we have everything in stock for you. Buy your Lemax figurines at Garden Centre Osdorp!