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Lemax Vail Village

Get ready for the holiday season with a Lemax Vail Village as part of your Christmas decorations! The days are getting darker, the temperature is dropping: it's time to create some cheer and light in your home. There is no better way to stop from feeling gloomy than by decorating your home in anticipation of the holidays! With the Christmas cheer that the Lemax Vail Village brings you'll be sure to enjoy the holiday season even more.

Get the outdoor Christmas feeling with a Lemax Vail Village

One of the best ways to truly capture and experience the year-end holiday spirit is to go skiing. Recreate some of this alpine Christmas cheer and spirit by simply ordering and assembling a Lemax Vail Village for your home. There's nothing like the great scent of pine trees, the endless vistas of freshly laid snow, and the enticing chill of the winter air to bring home the spirit of the yuletide season. Best of all, when you're skiing you get to enjoy the sights and sounds of an alpine village. Add some Christmas decorations and you've got yourself a classic yuletide scene with the Lemax Vail Village. Check our Lemax Vail Village collection now: 

Order your Lemax Vail Village now!

Echoing the cut log and pine plank design of Alpine villages, the Lemax Vail Village brings a much welcome outdoor feel to your indoor Christmas miniature display. You get a natural feel for the winter season with its snowy exteriors and figurines excited about the holiday and New Year season. Add a touch of the great outdoors to your indoor Christmas miniature display today and order the Lemax Vail Village collection from!