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Lemax Adapters & lamps

If you want to make your Lemax village glow in the dark, you will need Lemax adapters and lamps to connect your figures with.

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Lemax adapters and lamps

Whether you have Lemax facades with little lights behind the windows or a Christmas tree that glitters and shimmers throughout your entire Christmas village: without the right adapter, your village will stay dark. Fortunately, with our adapters, you have nothing to fear about.

Sorts of lemax adapters

At Garden Centre Osdorp we have different kinds of adapters and lamps in stock to light up your Christmas village. Choose from these four functional adapters and lamps:

  • Lemax Power Adaptor, 4.5v, white, 3-output, fixed plug, gs;

  • Lemax Power Adaptor, 4.5v 550ma, white, 1-output, gs;

  • Lemax four led light string moonlander;

  • Lemax Led Bulb Moonlander.

Since 2010, Lemax does not use light bulbs anymore, because these are uneconomical and inflammable. Instead, Lemax uses LED-lamps on a battery of 4.5 volt. These lamps can burn at least 24 hours for seven days. If you do not want to use a battery, you can use a LED-adapter. The Lemax Led Bulb Moonlander has a clever on-off switch and is suitable for Lemax houses with a round hole on the backside. You can connect the Moonlander easily with a battery compartment or a Lemax 4.5 volt adapter.

Bring your Lemax village to life!

When it is dark during Christmas, you can turn on your Lemax village with the help of the Lemax adapters and lamps. Make sure you are never without any light by purchasing your necessities at Garden Centre Osdorp.