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When you are building a miniature Christmas village, you will need Lemax facades to bring your village to life. Just like all real houses are decorated with garlands and Christmas trees, so are the miniature houses in the Lemax collection.

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Lemax facades

Lemax facades may surprise you. Instead of an entire house, these Lemax products consist of only the frontage of a house. Still, while you only see the front of the house, your brain thinks that it is a whole house. This illusion creates a lot of opportunities. When you do not have any space for more Lemax houses, you can easily put some facades in your town, because these are much smaller than normal miniature houses. Furthermore, most of the Lemax facades can be connected with a 4,5 volt adaptor, after which the little figures start glowing, creating a warm appearance. Some even have moving elements, which makes your Christmas all the more lively. Lemax sells various facades with traditional elements, giving your town a Dickens-like character.

Sorts of Lemax facades

Lemax has different facades in its collection. Each facade has a characteristic feel to it that spreads warmth and light throughout your entire village. The facades of the Caddington Village collection all have great detail and take you back to the Victorian era. The Lemax Seaside christmas does not belong to a specific village and can thus be put into any village. This sweet figure depicts a street corner full of nice shops. What do you think of a place where you can have chocolate gourmet or a little bistro where you can eat the most delicious food? All shops are decorated with guirlandes and you can even find a Christmas tree. In the forefront you see a bridge crossing the canal in which a little boat is drifting. Meanwhile, the lights in the hotel, the clothier and the other houses are burning, making your Christmas village glow even when it is dark.  

Keep the optical illusion alive!

The Lemax facades are a great addition to every Christmas village. Combine several facades to create a traditional miniature village or give your own twist to it. The possibilities are endless! Take a look around and buy your Lemax facades at Garden Centre Osdorp.