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Lemax Accessories new 2024

Here you will find all the Lemax Christmas village accessories from the new 2024 Lemax Village Collection. Expand your Christmas village with the new Lemax 2024 lanterns, trees, vehicles, and other decorations for your C...

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Discover the new 2024 Lemax Accessories.

Explore the versatile and enchanting new Lemax accessories from the 2024 collection to elevate your Christmas village to the next level! Whether you're a seasoned Lemax collector or new to the world of Christmas villages, these accessories offer endless possibilities to dress up your Christmas village in the finest details. Create an atmosphere of magic and wonder with the new 2024 Lemax accessories collection.

Expand your Christmas village with the new 2024 Lemax Christmas village accessories

Each Lemax accessory in the new collection is carefully designed and crafted with attention to detail. Whether you're looking for lighting, landscape elements, bridges, ponds, or trees, the new collection has something for everyone. Each accessory is designed to seamlessly complement other Lemax products, allowing you to create a beautifully composed Christmas village that exudes a warm and festive atmosphere.

Get inspired by the Christmas village at Tuincentrum Osdorp

Starting from early October, visit our garden center in Amsterdam to admire all the new Lemax Christmas village accessories in our grand Christmas village. If you don't live near Tuincentrum Osdorp in Amsterdam, such as in Haarlem, Nieuw-Vennep, or Zaandam, you can explore the new 2024 Lemax accessories on our Christmas village webshop and securely order them online.